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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people who seek out legal services have common questions. Attorney Amy Turos is often asked the following questions, which may be helpful as you consider your need for legal representation. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have – call our Garrettsville office at (330) 222-3898.

A: We are located in Garrettsville, and primarily serve Portage, Trumbull and Summit Counties, though we do provide services in Geauga County.
A: The Law Firm of Amy R. Turos offers a variety of options for payment as well as a payment plan. We are happy to discuss our affordable options as well as your needs upfront.
A: Parents can name someone to act as a legal guardian as part of a will. If this did not occur and both parents would pass away, a court-ordered guardian will be appointed for the surviving children. This guardian is generally named in what would be the best interest of the child, however, without making their interest/intentions known, this guardian may not be whom the parents would have chosen.
A: There’s a reason why many people seek to avoid probate: It can be time-consuming, expensive and difficult to understand. There are some ways to avoid probate. Among them, you can establish a Lifetime Revocable Trust, which requires you to transfer all of your assets and other securities from personal ownership to the trust. When you die, any additional property that was not put into the trust can be transferred using a “pour-over will.” Probate can also be avoided if you own joint property. When you pass away, the property will pass to the surviving joint owner. Finally, some assets, such as life insurance policies and pension funds, will not go into the probate process and will pass directly to the contract beneficiary.