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Probate: Expectations vs. Reality

  • Published: September 14, 2021

Ohio probate Courts and in particular, the Geauga County Probate Court, overhears legal issues and cases involving wills, the administration of estates, trusts, and legal matters involving guardianships.

There are numerous forms that the court requires in order to file a case with the Probate Court. The Geauga County Clerk of Courts accepts court pleadings and forms in various cases. This clerk’s office does not accept pleadings or forms from the Probate Court. The probate court has its own clerk’s office.

Clients seeking to file a case with the probate court are usually surprised by the amount of forms that need to be completed. This court accepts specific forms that clients are not usually aware of.

The Geauga County Common Pleas Court overhears legal issues both criminal and civil cases. The probate court is a specific division of the Common Pleas Court.

The Geauga County probate court docket consist of the cases that have been filed with the Court. The docket shows which cases are open and which are closed. Most courts have their dockets online so the public can be on notice of what is being filed with the Court. Some cases may not be on the docket so it’s important to make sure that clients stay informed of their cases.

The Geauga County court records are located on the courts online docket. Our office will help you keep informed of all pleadings and hearing date regardless if the case is open to the public or not.

The Probate court is a complex process. Clients believe that just simply filing forms with the court is good enough to get assets transferred but this is not the case. There are different types of probate cases, which depends on the amount of assets in the estate.

Lots of clients also believe that Probate is a quick process. Again, probate court is a complex process which can take anywhere from six months to years. The type of case depends on the length of time to close the case. If there is a dispute of litigation within the probate case it could extend the time the case will close.

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