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The Advantages Of Having A Real Estate Agent And Attorney Team On Your Side

  • Published: April 26, 2023

There are a lot of careers people can pursue in the real estate field, some of those include real estate agent, real estate attorney and property manager. Though some of these are similar, there are differences between them, like the responsibilities and roles of real estate attorneys and realtors. Learning about these two roles can help you understand how I can help you pursue your real estate selling goals.

Good Real Estate agents and Attorneys obviously have the knowledge of Ohio real estate laws and customs and I can guide you through simple real estate transactions, such as:

  • Help our clients meet their real estate needs
  • Knowledge about neighborhoods and surrounding areas
  • Perform a current market analysis of home values
  • Submit and negotiate offers for our client
  • Help clients look for potential defects in the property
  • Negotiate a price for repairs or upgrades if necessary
  • Negotiate and draft real estate transactions

A real estate attorney can perform all of the duties of a real estate agent, but I can also:

  • Answer Your Questions: Every real estate transaction involves an overwhelming amount of complicated legal documents that must be read and understood before clients sign the paperwork. I can explain the legal terms and technical language used in the paperwork such as the purchase contract, mortgage, and any other transaction documents, allowing clients to sign with peace of mind.
  • Offer Advice: I can advise you on just about any legal issues. For example, there’s more than one way to hold title to residential real estate in Ohio. Spouses usually want to make sure their house is in survivorship. I can tell you whether you would benefit more by holding title as sole ownership or joint tenancy, including how each affects taxes and inheritance after the life for our clients.
  • Explain Your Options: Each decision clients make throughout the buying or selling process has the potential for clients to gain or lose a significant amount of money. If clients have offers from a variety of lenders but aren’t sure which to accept, we can compare the offers to find out which one best suits our clients needs. If clients decide against the purchase, I can examine the terms under which clients deposit is forfeited and get clients money back from the seller.
  • Offer Estate Planning Information And Advice: I can review your real estate paperwork and transactions and see which estate planning paperwork we can provide in order to help clients assets transfer to your loved one if something were to happen to a client.

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Not everyone will need to work with a real estate attorney when selling a home; but for some, it could be crucial to a successful outcome. If in doubt, please contact my office to set up a free consultation.

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